Student Spotlight


Senior posing next to bronze Cougar

Kaya Enriquez

Kaya is a high-achieving student. She is a natural leader and teacher, who enjoys helping her peers when she sees a need. Kaya is a great communicator and expresses her thoughts in well-organized, creative ways to accurately convey her message. She is also able to clearly explain her artistic process and the emotional connection she has to her artwork. Kaya has a clear vision of her future and continues to work hard to achieve her goals. Looking to the future, Kaya plans to attend Wenatchee Valley College, where she will play softball before earning a degree in speech pathology from Central Washington University. She will represent Warden well in her future endeavors.


Sophomore posing next to bronze cougar

Colby Pittser

Colby has a natural sense of curiosity about the world around him, seeking knowledge for the joy of learning. When he finds something interesting, Colby will really put in the effort digging in on a topic. He also enjoys sharing his passion for a topic with others and delights in sharing what he has learned.

Colby conducts himself respectfully and with a positive, can-do attitude. Which has formed some very positive relationships with not only his fellow students but with staff as well. Colby follows instruction very well and is always quick to help. He never shies away from a challenge, often stepping up even when others back away. He’s not above asking for help himself either and demonstrates excellent communication as he sleuths out answers. Colby has ambition and thinks about his future and how he can accomplish his dreams - which not everyone can do, even adults.


Junior posing next to bronze cougar

Keira Massey

Keira always comes to class with a positive attitude and outstanding work ethic, demonstrated by her moving into Honors Algebra 2 this year.  This is more impressive as not only is Honors Algebra 2 is one of the most challenging classes in WHS but that at the beginning of the year she didn’t have all the skills necessary to achieve that goal. The thing about it is she never complained or made excuses, she just put in the work and made it happen. To Keira’s credit, her work ethic and desire to do her best has made her one of the top three students on the last couple of exams, in a class with many of the most talented math students at Warden High School.

Kiera’s drive for academic excellence isn’t limited to her own though. She often supports her classmates in their learning and can be counted on to assist any students who fall behind or struggle with a concept. Keira has excellent leadership skills that come naturally from her desire to help others succeed.


Freshman posing next to bronze cougar

Kloe Manderville

Kloe is a hard-working student who is always going the extra mile to make sure that she and the students around her understand new concepts during class. Demonstrating her leadership potential, Kloe impresses teachers with her personal integrity and by never being afraid to speak up for what she believes is right. She has established herself as reliable and dependable at all times while representing the class of 2025, be it in class or while running the concession stand. Kloe steps up to help others around her and to treat everyone with the utmost respect.