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What is eSports?

Competitive gaming, or eSports is a subsection of the video game industry wherein players compete for cash, prizes, sponsorships, and fame much in the same ways professional sports athletes do but on a digital playing field. The global gaming industry saw revenue of $184.5 billion in 2022 with a revenue forecast of $583.69 billion for 2030. Esports global revenue for 2022 was $1.38 billion with a projected $5.74 billion for 2030. The industry continues to become increasingly profitable as mainstream media monetizes more video game IPs.


When talking about an esports player, we are referring to the broadest possible sense. Anyone that plays competitively against others in a game on a computer, console, or other device can be considered an esports player. This document focuses on organized esports, and skill level is not important in this context. The contents of this document can apply to everyone, from beginners to professional players.

eSports (Pilot Program)

The Warden School District recognizes the opportunities and positive impacts competitive gaming can provide students. In April of 2023, the WSD school board approved an eSports Pilot Program for the secondary schools and will compete in the Middle School eSports League (MSEL) and the High School eSports League (HSEL) which are owned and operated by Generation eSports. The program aims at the following goals:

  1. Involvement. To increase student involvement in school activities by providing more diverse opportunities for students to participate.
  2. Engagement. To provide opportunities for meaningful engagement for students.
  3. Life Skills. To facilitate students developing skills to help students in multiple facets of their lives. Skills such as personal skills like goal-setting, problem-solving, and perseverance or teamwork, communication, and building self-confidence.
  4. Education opportunities. To provide a unique after-school experience for students who may not typically participate in other sports or activities, incorporating curriculum and competition to improve GPA and attendance, subsequently boosting student eligibility for lucrative esports scholarships.
  5. Career opportunities. To introduce students to a rapidly expanding global industry by imparting marketable skills and connecting STEM principles to students' passions.


Social and emotional learning. “SEL was recognized as one important benefit of involving students in esports in a school-affiliated and mentored way”, School engagement. ”It is just such students – those who have yet to find a meaningful connection to their school – who may benefit most from alternative sports like esports”.

The Rise of High School Esports: A Landscape Analysis of US Programs. Jason G. Reitman University of California – Irvine

HSEL (High School Esports League)

WHS has opted for Rocket League as the competitive game of choice for High School Esports Athletes. Rocket League is a team based 3v3 action-racing game where players control cars but with rules similar to soccer (fútbol). Rocket League is rated "E" for everyone with Mild Lyrics by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board, website). 

The HSELs Winter Blitz is the season selected for the pilot program and begins January 8, 2024. Winter Blitz league play differs from other tournament play, details will follow. Interested students are encouraged to attend the Q&A in The Cave at 2:30pm, December 5. Tryouts dates will be announced soon. Please direct questions to Mr. Colombia, email: