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School Fight Song Lyrics
School Fight Song Lyrics
Fight fight fight for ol' Warden High. Win this vic-to-ry. We're gonna fight tonight for the blue and the white. Best in the west, we know you'll all do your best, so fight fight fight fight fight 'til the end. Honor and glory and you will win. So fight fight fight for ol' Warden High and vic-to-ry!

Office 365 and Canvas

11 months ago

Recently The Warden School District has made available to High School and Middle School students School issued email addresses. These email addresses are made available through the District's Microsoft Office 365 (O365) licensing. The O365 email addresses provide the credentials that Students will use to login into Canvas, for the classes in the High School that are using it. To assist students to getting going, the tech department has made a couple of quick How to's that outline the steps to log into both O365 and Canvas. If a student has forgotten their password, they can send a password reset request to the WSD Technology Department.