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WHS Parents Advocating for Warden Schools (PAWS)

6 months ago

What is Our Mission?
  • To promote education and well-being of all students at home, school, and community.
  • To support programs of education and extracurricular activities.
  • To support and encourage the involvement of all parents.
  • To participate in projects and events for the benefits of the student and the community of Warden.
  • To organize fundraisers to support additional programs, equipment, and services not provided by the schools.
There is much You can do!
  • Help in the classroom.
  • Assist the teachers.
  • Create bulletin boards.
  • Lead a project or activity 
  • Prepare food or snacks.
  • Help with a project or activity.
  • Interpret.
  • Create networks.
  • Organize.
  • Create flyers and posters.
  • And much, much more.
How long will this take?
 The time need will depend on whatever works best for you and your schedule.  There are some projects that will take one hour and there are others that will take
a few more hours per week. Not all projects need to be done during school hours, and there are opportunities that allow for the work to be done at home and on your time.
 PAWS Officers
Shanna Golladay: President
Call or Text: (509) 760-5676
Call or Text: 
Jodie Cox: Secretary
Call or Text: (509) 760-2552
Renay Jorgensen: Rep. for Elementary School
Call or Text: (509) 793-6817
Lili Cox: Elementary School Aid
Call or Text: (509) 989-3052
Jennifer Skone: Rep. for Middle School
Call or Text: (509) 750-1420
Kimberly Hansen: Rep. for Secondary School
Call or Text: (509) 760-1771
Shelley Roden: Rep. for Scholarships 
Call or Text: (509) 750-8879

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