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Inclement Weather Policy

Dr. LaBounty has been in conversation with the Board regarding athletic practices and contests on days when school has been canceled due to weather.  Their feeling is that we do not necessarily have to automatically cancel practices / events on these days.  So in the future we will do the following on days when school is cancelled:

A.    Administration will make a decision by noon whether or not conditions have improved enough to schedule practices. 

B.    AD  will notify the coaches one way or the other. 

C.   If it is determined that conditions have improved enough, the coaches may contact their athletes and schedule practice. 

D.   Coaches should make it clear that athletes should only attend if they and their parents feel it is safe to travel.  There will be no penalty if an athlete does not attend.

E.    Individual coaches may still cancel practice  even if given the go ahead.

F.    For games and/or matches, I will work with the opponent and transportation department to decide if it is safe to go ahead with the scheduled contest.

G.   Students and parents should check the school web page for updates.

Athletics Director
Gary Brandt 

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